Geodox V.O.F.
Owner: Willem-Jan Verberne
De Huufkes 3
5674 TL Nuenen

KvK 51677563 Eindhoven

Vat id: Netherlands: NL8501.23.549.B01
Vat id: Belgium: BE0537.735.732

Geodox operates the following websites:

Geocachingshop.nl, Geocachingshop.be, Shop4geocaching.eu
Domoticahouse.com, Domoticahouse.nl
Maxpeditionwinkel.nl, Maxpeditionshop.eu

Netherlands and other countries: Rabobank nr:
IBAN NL94RABO0131126261

Belgium: KBC nr: 7350 2244 8414
IBAN BE94 7350 2244 8414 EUR

Phone number.: +31407870738

Germany VerpackG: 
LUCID : DE2657722034775-V
Verpackungslizenz für Verkaufsverpackungen beim Dualen System Interseroh, Vertragsnr.: 13189

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