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Geodox (legally known as Geodox V.O.F.) handels your personal details with care. This means that Geodox will never provide this informatie to others.

Geodox requests you to fill in your phone number and e-mail address , so that we, in case required, can contact you.

The legal requirements for the protection of personal information as written down in the "Wet Persoonsregistraties/ de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens", are propely followed by Geodox. Customers have allways the option to look into their own account information, to update it and to delete the information. In case a customer would like to delete their account, we request to send an email to info@Geodox.nl with subject: "delete account information". This is only possible with the use of the email which is connected to the account or with a copy of a legal identification.

Geodox will store the information as provided by the customer in a file. This information will be used to process the order of the customer.

Your information is stored by Geodox in an automated system. You can receive notice on a regular basis, e.g. on new products or specials. In that case, you can update your personal account with the option " receive newsletter" marked.